South African cricket dumped into chaos


The postponement of the Global T20 League was one of the worst moments for cricket in South Africa.

The postponement of the Global T20 League at such a late stage has dumped South African cricket into chaos. The domestic fixtures that had been finalised during the winter months have now had to be rearranged to close down the six week gap left by the postponement of the Global T20 league.

Cricket South Africa made the sensible decision to replace the Global T20 League with the South African version called the CSA T20 Challenge. With all the national players available this should enhance the public interest in this competition.

The other problem that the postponement has created is that half the Sunfoil Series matches (Four Day) have been completed for the season. From a cricketing point of view this is not ideal for the preparation of players for international cricket, especially, that the Proteas are due to play eight Test matches this summer.

Also, financially CSA are under pressure because of the various damages claims against them for postponing the tournament. The biggest challenge financially will come from the overseas and domestic players. The South African Cricketers Association has already stated that they will demand compensation for all their members. The big question is what this compensation will be and can CSA afford it.

This could lead to a potential player strike by the domestic players and this will further harm the reputation of South African cricket internationally and locally. There is little doubt that the postponement of the Global T20 League was the worst moment for the game in South Africa since the breaking news that Hansie Cronje was involved with match fixing.

The time has come for all cricketing parties including the players to stand together to ensure that CSA remains financially stable and that they are encouraged to make sure that the 2018 Global T20 League takes place.

If these two matters are not handled carefully South African cricketers both current and future will be the ultimate losers.


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