Cricket South Africa on the verge of suspension

CSA have lost the plot totally and is terminal
(Picture credit: Laura Brink)

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is on the verge of getting suspended or even expelled from the International Cricket Council (ICC) for government interference.

The Minister of Sport, Nathi Mthethwa, has given CSA until 27 October to give him reasons why he should not get involved. This is bad news for cricket as the ICC’s constitution does not allow political interference in the sport.

The CSA administration has betrayed the great game of cricket and cricket fans. It needs to be removed in the interests of cricket, both in South Africa and internationally. In September, when CSA refused to release the Fundudzi forensic report, the Minster should have obtained a court order to force them to release it publicly. He should also have given them 21 days in which to have an annual general meeting to elect a new administration.

Government intervention is justified when a sporting organisation falls into a crisis, like CSA has descended into. They need to protect South African sport from capture, like has happened with CSA. Government’s role is to ensure that there is responsible governance and administration, but should not be influencing elections, policy, strategy and management like this government has in the past.

CSA have lost the plot totally and is terminal. They no longer serve cricket and sport in the country but only self-interests. They are at war with themselves, the government and ultimately, probably, the ICC.

Their new transformation vision that appeared on Cricinfo was nothing more than an attempt to pacify the government. It was a disgrace. It had no respect for cricket or the people that serve and support it. If ever implemented, it I would be nothing more than a death wish for the game. It is politically based on race, gender, social engineering and representation. It has nothing to do with cricket, and its welfare or growth. If these imperatives were ever implemented, the South African game would never be unified and sustainable; in fact, it would not be worth saving.

This Board of CSA has nothing more to offer the game. They are cricketing and morally bankrupt, and need to be removed with immediate effect. They are not only an embarrassment, but also destructive and have captured cricket in South Africa.

South African cricket is important to world cricket. The ICC need to make this clear not only to CSA but also the South African Government, and issue them an ultimatum on two fronts: They need to stabilise CSA with a Board that makes decisions in the interest of cricket, and that they need to normalise the game in the country with equal, non-racist opportunities for all South Africans. Failing to do this, CSA will be expelled from world cricket.  

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