An almost forgotten legend

In 1977 Test cricket was 100 years old.  My father bought me a little paperback book, published by the MCC, brim-full with Test match statistics.  The centre pages of the book featured an all-time best Test XI, as voted for by the MCC members.  I was chuffed to see one of my boyhood heroes, Barry Richards, as one of the chosen eleven.  I was shocked, however, to see another South African in the team I had never heard of: Aubrey Faulkner.  I tried to find out more about him, but without much success.  After all, it was the time before the internet. Earlier this month these memories came back to me when I read that Faulkner had been inducted into the ICC’s Hall of Fame.  Spanning 144 years of international cricket, only 103 players (men and women) have been honoured in this way.  Faulkner is the fifth South African to… Continue reading