Sport in a time of lockdown

Today is Lockdown Day 57 in South Africa.  It is a long time, but other countries have been (or were) in lockdown mode even longer. We all know why it had to be done.  COVID-19 is serious, the most serious crisis the world has faced since World War II.  I know two people who have contracted the disease.  One of them, in the words of his physician, “almost joined the angels” but thankfully both are all right now. Initially the lockdown was a novelty.  Plenty of time for family bonding, reading more, sorting out personal admin, cleaning the house, etc. etc.  But as with all novelties, this one is also beginning to wear off.  The mood has turned more sombre over the past two to three weeks.  There is a monotony that does not distinguish one day from another.  Every day is just… Day. I believe that one of the… Continue reading