For the love of cricket

The Roman poet, Virgil, is credited with coining the phrase “love conquers all”.  More than two thousand years later I discovered that “the love for cricket conquers all”. Earlier this year Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced that domestic cricket in the country would be restructured.  An unavoidable consequence of the process would be that a certain number of players would lose their professional contracts.  In effect, the system would fire them. Nobody knew exactly how many players would be without a contract come the end of April.  The cricketers’ voice, the South African Cricketers’ Association (SACA), estimated this number would be around 75.  They consulted the players about the matter, and every player knew what his fate could be.  In the end, the number was 92. We represent 21 of the unfortunate 92.  These players are all still under contract with us.  My partners and I are therefore duty-bound to… Continue reading