Is the great rivalry over?

  The great rivalry between the Springboks and All Blacks began way back in 1921 and the two teams have played each other on 94 occasions since. However, recent results like the 57/0 defeat in Albany last week and the 57-17 defeat in Durban last year, suggest that the traditional rivalry between these two great rugby nations is under threat. The Springboks are no longer the force they were in years gone by. The records show that New Zealand has won 56 matches and the Springboks 35 with three being drawn. However, before the professional era in 1992 the Springboks had a better win record against the All Blacks having won 53% of the matches against them. In the professional era the Springboks win ratio has dropped to 26% against the men in black. So what has been the cause that the Springboks have lost ground and continue to lose … Continue reading