Let the games begin!

There is always something special about cricket in England.  It’s the birthplace of the world’s second most popular team sport and despite what whoever thinks, Lord’s in London in still the game’s spiritual home.  Whether it’s village cricket, county cricket, the Ashes or a day at Lord’s, cricket, summer and England are synonyms. A week from now the biggest spectacle in cricket, the four-yearly Cricket World Cup, returns to its birthplace.  Millions of tourists will flock to England to attend the 48 matches played at eleven different venues.  Many of them will no doubt make use of the opportunity to also do some sightseeing. I recently discovered an England travel guidebook from 1955, “Here’s England” written by Ruth McKenney and Richard Bransten.  It’s a sort of Lonely Planet guide 1950’s style.  To my surprise and delight, the book had an entire chapter devoted to cricket!  Although the book is firmly … Continue reading